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NAT’L – MILITARY – The Marine Corp’s new battlewagon is getting a 30mm cannon to take out enemy aircraft (VIDEO PREVIEW)

The Marine Corps plans on loading up its brand new battlewagons with a 30mm cannon to track and destroy enemy drones and aircraft, according to a new notice from the service. A special award notice published last week announced that Marine Corps Systems Command intends to issue a sole-source, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract to Northrup Grumman subcontractor Alliant Techsystems for up to 300 XM914E1 30 x 113mm chain guns, with the actual award scheduled for some time in fiscal year 2021. The new chain guns are intended to provide the direct fire defeat capability required as part of the Marine Corps’ new Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) Marine Air Defense Integrated Future Weapons System (MADIS/FWS), which would see the service affix a specialized weapons turret to the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to counter both drones and manned rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. According to the special notice, the XM914E1 30mm handles multiple types of 30mm rounds, integrates seamlessly with the existing MADIS Mk1 weapons system, and “provides a readily available, non-developmental solution that can be integrated within the size, weight, and power parameters” of the JLTV Heavy Guns Carrier’s existing remote weapons station.  [full article]

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