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NAT’L – MILITARY – This U.S. Army Scope Is Built To Take Down Dangerous Quadcopters

A new electronic tracking scope designed to give soldiers first round hit accuracy has been spotted in the hands of U.S. Army troops. The SMASH 2000 Plus scope locks onto targets in the optic’s field of view and does not fire the weapon until a hit is assured. The scope brings tank fire control technology to individual riflemen, making the job of shooting moving targets—particularly drones— much easier. The images were first picked up by Stars and Stripes at the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS). The photos, uploaded by Special Operations Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, were taken at the end of May, “during a familiarization range near At-Tanf Garrison, Syria.” The SMASH 2000 line of electronic rifle scopes feature technology that until recently was limited to tanks and armored vehicles. Auto trackers are designed to detect and lock onto targets within the scope’s field of view, typically overlaying a brightly colored box over the target. This allows the shooter to keep track of the enemy on a fast moving, cluttered battlefield. SMASH 2000 takes auto tracker tech and places it on the top rail of a carbine or rifle. A rifleman can use the scope to track the target and then hold down the trigger. The scope will block the weapon from firing until the moment when it calculates a shot will hit, then the weapon will fire. The weapon also calculates for bullet drop over longer distances, and some versions include enhanced night vision and magnification.  [full article]

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