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New for 2020: American Tactical FXH-45M Moxie

New for 2020 is the FXH-45 Moxie from American Tactical Inc. This is a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol chambered for .45 ACP. What makes it unique from other 1911-style guns is the use of a hybrid polymer frame in the construction of this 5”-bbl. full-size firearm. Overall weight for the FXH-45 is 32 ozs. empty. An eight-round magazine feeds the gun. The Moxie features a parkerized-steel slide, and since the pistol is modeled after Browning’s M1911, aftermarket parts are in abundance. It’s probably a good time to mention the hybrid polymer pistol is set to retail for $399.95 and has the capability to run optics onboard. The FXH-45 is a feature-rich gun, too. The frame is molded to provide finger grooves along the front strap. A rounded mainspring housing is on the back, and the upswept beavertail grip safety provides a comfortable place for an high, comfortable grip. An accessory rail on the frame is available for lights and lasers, and a rounded, large trigger guard is provided. A skeletonized hammer speeds up lock time, and it looks cool, to boot. The gun’s hybrid-polymer frame is fitted with a 4140 steel slide wrapped around a 5” steel barrel. The slide is host to non-traditional M1911 sights; American Tactical provides Glock-pattern sights on its Moxie pistol. Additionally, the slide is cut, and ATI includes a removable plate for optics mounting. Steel components feature a Parkerized finish for durability.  [full article]

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