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Savage Arms 320 Thumbhole Security Shotgun

Savage Arms expanded its lineup of Stevens 320 shotguns with three new models in 2020, adding a thumbhole stock to each. Two of the models are designed for defensive use, while the third model is equipped for hunters.“Our Stevens shotguns have proven to be very versatile for hunters and home defense,” said Jessica Treglia, senior brand manager at Savage Arms. “And now we’re adding the thumbhole option to our 320 line with a new Turkey gun, and two different defensive shotguns. These shotguns are light, highly ergonomic, and built on the tested pump action that makes Stevens shotguns so reliable.” The Savage Arms Stevens 320 Security Thumbhole model includes an 18.5″ barrel, twin action bars and the design’s tested rotary bolt. The matte-black furniture consists of a textured fore-end and an ergonomic, sculpted stock that provides a comfortable, pistol-style grip. This stock also features a raised comb that allows shooters to comfortably mount the gun for a fast shot. Each Stevens 320 Security Thumbhole shotgun is equipped with a 3″ chamber and a 5-round magazine tube. At the butt end of the gun is a rubber pad designed to dampen felt recoil, and there are swivel studs located fore and aft on the magazine-tube cap and stock, respectively.  [full article]

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