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Stay in the fight with these 6 affordable backup iron sights

So, you’ve managed to track down one of the last ARs still for sale, or maybe you’re looking to improve a rifle you’ve had for a while. The AR platform became the most popular rifle in the United States in large part because of its limitless customization potential, and that means you can find aftermarket support in every way, shape, and form. It’s easy to overdo it with slings, grips, lights, lasers, charging handles, buttstocks, pistol braces that are totally not buttstocks – the list goes on and on. But one of the first things people add, and rightly so, is their preferred sights. Whether you go with a simple red dot, variable power optic, or precision scope for long-distance target practice, real-world scenarios like home defense often make powerful optics and battery-powered technology more of a liability than an asset. If you’re running any kind of modern optic, having a rock-solid set of backup iron sights is extremely important. Sure, they add a few ounces and take some time getting used to, but their reliability makes them one of the best modifications money can buy. Magpul is one of the first names in AR modification. Surely, you’ve heard of their furniture; there’s a good chance you own some. They make a damn fine set of backup sights, too. You can choose between metal and polymer, which is what you see here. These flip-up iron sights cost less than the metal version, perform fabulously, and add minimal weight. Springs are activated with the press of a button, and each sight snaps into a secure upright position. The front sight post is adjustable for elevation using the standard tool or spent brass. The rear sight is adjustable for windage. Both are protected from damage and glare by vertical wings on each side. This system is designed for use with standard rails. To depress, simply push these sights until horizontal, where the locking mechanism will hold them in the retracted position.  [full article]

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