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T/ C Encore Pro Hunter: The Most Versatile (And Best) Rifle On The Market?

The Thompson Center Encore Pro Rifle is a single-shot, break-action firearm. It’s also a switch-barrel rifle, meaning the barrel is interchangeable. Any Encore barrel will fit, which lets you customize the gun to fit any need. Whether you’re looking for a gun suitable for hunting, target shooting or self-defense, the Encore Pro is great for all types of shooters. Here’s why. The precision rifling of the TC Encore Pro gives you accuracy you can count on. The 28” barrel gives you the best velocities you can expect from a given rifle cartridge. Like most rifles, the accuracy definitely varies based on what kind of ammo you use. I’ve noticed that I get the best, most consistent accuracy when I use powder instead of pellets. When I used between 185-200 grains, my 3 five-shot groups averaged 1.72 inches, and when I used 140 grains, it was around 1.2 inches. With most loads, you can expect excellent accuracy. The more often you clean the gun—and riflescope—the better shot groups you get. The trigger makes it a little harder to get even smaller groups, because it has a longer lock time. But, this tends to come with the territory with a hammer-fired gun.  [full article]

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