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NAT’L – NRA – NRA Fraud Case Will Hurt But Won’t Kill Gun-Rights Behemoth

Though it ticks off detailed examples of wrongdoing, the New York lawsuit claiming donors to the National Rifle Association have been ripped off for years is likely to be settled without the gun-rights group being forced to dissolve, legal experts said. In a sweeping 164-page complaint on Thursday, New York Attorney General Letitia James said the NRA must be disbanded because of the “breadth and depth” of the frauds carried out by four current and former officials accused of squandering the non-profit’s cash on corrupt personal expenses. But that drastic measure is just a starting point that could serve to push the NRA to make major personnel concessions and pay steep fines to avoid the risk of going to trial or being forced to shutter the organization. “Dissolving a nonprofit corporation is a big deal, especially one as prominent as the NRA,” said Eric Chaffee, a professor at University of Toledo College of Law who has advised charities.  [full article]


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