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NAT’L – OPINION – A lesson in language before gun control edicts

I am amazed at the lack of understanding of our English language. I don’t pretend to be a lawyer or a judge nor do I claim to be a justice of the highest court in the land. But those who believe that guns can and should be controlled in our society like automobiles are missing not only the appropriate use of our language but also what is actually in our Constitution. Each time I see guns and automobiles compared like apples to apples, I cringe.. Let me note at this point that none of us on Earth today can fairly interpret the Constitution. We are neither fully studied in law nor are we familiar with many of the writings of our forefathers. We also were not there to hear the debate held while the Constitution was written nor do we understand all the nuances it provides in everyday life. Life today is also different in many respects, and that leaves open for the Constitution to be exploited by those who would have it applied much differently than it was meant at the time. Notice I did not say that the Constitution can be exploited. In fact, I am saying it should never be exploited, but if those who hate guns have their way, the Constitution and their interpretation of the Second Amendment will, indeed, be exploited for political benefit.We must remember that the Constitution was meant to limit government’s intervention into our lives. Its founders were designing a new government and they wanted to limit it, not make it into a burden upon the people. After all, they had enough of an intrusive government in England. The founders provided a means to adapt the Constitution to different times. It allows amendments, either through Congress or through a constitutional convention by the states. In either case, the amendment must be ratified by three-fourths of the states. Repeal of an amendment is rare because it must be accomplished by another amendment.I wonder why the amendment process, as provided in the Constitution, was put there? It isn’t easy to approve an amendment, and throughout history it has been clear that our founders didn’t want an easy process. Yet, there are those for political reasons who believe the Constitution can simply be impugned by law, executive order, interpretation of law or by outright ignoring the amendment.  [full article]

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