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NAT’L – OPINION – Advice for Self-Defense Training During the Ammo Shortage

I have not seen a run on ammunition like the one at the time of this writing in my lifetime. Those of us who have been in this game remember 2013, the last notable ammo shortage. Even that paled in comparison to what we are currently seeing. Ammo in the main calibers is simply scarce and when you find it you will pay very inflated prices for it. Therefore, most of us will be doing far less shooting than usual. However, the reduction in live-fire training should not put a damper on your overall progress in self-defense training, but you may need to change your priorities. There is plenty of productive firearms training that can still be done in dry fire, and the ammo shortage is a perfect reason to expand your self-defense training into other fields that you might focus less on but may prove just as important in an emergency. While your live-fire may be limited, there is no reason to abandon enhancing your shooting skills. Top competition shooters, who are the most accomplished mechanical shooters in the word, often press the trigger in dry fire at a ten-to-one ration compared to live fire. Many of the top shooters in the world actually do the majority of their gun training with a dry gun. There are certain things that you must shoot live ammo to train, particularly the ability to control recoil and overcome the flinch response. However, the mechanics of shooting can generally be practiced dry. In fact, what is arguably the most vital shooting skills for self-defense can be extensively practiced without firing a round of ammo. The draw stroke to a first round hit can be greatly enhanced through dry fire alone. While the recoil control for rapid follow-up shots is best practiced with live ammunition, the skillset involved in a rapid draw stroke to a first round accurate hit can be thoroughly practiced dry.  [full article]

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