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NAT’L – OPINION – Dr. Rachel Wisnefski: Gun Free Zones Endanger Both The Public And Their Elected Leaders

Growing up in South Carolina, I learned early on about firearms and when I was old enough to obtain a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP), I did. Like many CWP holders, I got my permit for protection. I was aware during my college years that, although I was a SC CWP holder, I could not carry a firearm on campus. That was my first exposure to “Gun Free Zones,” which are regulations against law abiding CWP holders and gun owners. These same laws do little to prevent criminals from carrying a firearm. As an elected School Board representative, I am now faced with an additional hard reality, which is a SC Statutory regulation that prevents law abiding CWP holders from entering the “office of or the business meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special purpose district” while carrying concealed. While I can appreciate good intentions, good intentions often make for bad policy. County Council and School Board meetings have been the targets of shootings in the recent past (Panama City, FL and Kirkwood, Missouri for example) so their exclusion from where law abiding CWP holders can carry is ill-advised.  Consider that CWP holders are one of the most law-abiding subsets of the population. [full article]

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