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NAT’L – OPINION – Everytown for Gun Safety or Walmart?

Taylor Swift makes a single Instagram post about the importance of voting and 65,000 young people register to vote within the next 24 hours. Chick-fil-A is transparently against BGLTQ rights and thousands across the country decide to boycott the establishment. The newest name in the all-encompassing political game? Walmart. On August 3, a mass shooting took place in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas where over 22 people were killed. As with all the other mass shootings that have taken place in the past decade, many in the country were outraged. Families grieved. Activists protested. Rinse. Repeat. At this point, there is practically a standard set of procedures for when a horrendous event like this takes place. Even the store where the shooting occurred is expected to be reopened in November. However, since August, Walmart has actually started to take action. Among other things, Walmart has decided to stop selling any handgun ammunition and to stop allowing open carry in its stores nationwide. We clearly should have seen this coming. When we think of Walmart, what really comes to mind? A cheap nationwide department store? A place where 70 percent of employees leave within one year due to bad working conditions? A working environment where pregnant women allegedly face discrimination? Of course not — we obviously instead think of it as an activist in the gun-rights debate!  [full article]

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