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NAT’L – OPINION – Exorcising The Demons: The Superstition Of Gun Control

Remember learning about the Dark Ages in World History, when superstition superseded rational thought and reason?  When ritual practices had the potential to protect a person from dark forces, and most tragic or unfortunate events could be explained away with the existence of evil spirits? If not, don’t worry. One only need look at modern politics to see Old World myths at play in real time. Arguably, the most widespread is the superstition fueling the gun control agenda. The reasoning behind gun control seems to point to a superstitious presumption that the object is inherently evil. That something about it corrupts the moral compass of the proprietor and causes otherwise good persons to behave immorally.  Almost as if people are being possessed by evil spirits inhabiting the items. How else can we explain the belief that if the objects were removed from society fewer people would act violently? This superstition is easily comparable to the Old World practice of deodand forfeiture, wherein an object that was used to commit a crime would be declared deodand and forfeited to the church or king, regardless of the owner’s guilt or innocence. Originally, these deodands (which throughout the centuries have included any object you can think of – even rocks and animals), were taken by authorities to a temple and destroyed.  Even the job of coroner has its origins in determining what object had caused a death and finding that object for confiscation, so it couldn’t offend or corrupt any person ever again.  [full article]

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