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NAT’L – OPINION – Focus on the Few Criminals with Guns, Not on the Masses of Legal Gun Owners

How can you tell gun control advocates are disingenuous—aside from their lips moving and the unintelligible sounds slithering out of their mouths? By their dogmatic devotion to ineffective “solutions.” For example, even though studies have found “universal background checks” have made no difference in states such as Delaware, Washington, and Colorado where they’ve tried it, gun controllers continue to advocate for them as if they’re a panacea for all gun crime. NRA TV’s Cam Edwards provided another clue about the anti-gunners’ warped intentions on his show, Cam & Co. Edwards said, “When we’re talking about keeping guns out of the hands of the violently mentally ill or violent criminals, perhaps we should try focusing on the smaller number of individuals who are prohibited from carrying firearms rather than the larger body of law-abiding citizens who are able to exercise their rights.” In other words, laws should be aimed at the relatively few law-breakers who use guns illegally rather than at the many millions of law-abiders who use guns legally.  [full article]

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