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NAT’L – OPINION – Gun Control Group Has a Racist Take on Black and Brown Gun Owners

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) on Monday released a 39-page report about the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the gun industry as a whole. The gun control group takes issue with the NSSF and NRA “targeting” blacks and Latinos as first-time gun owners. “In its marketing efforts to communities of color, the gun industry frequently focuses on the self-defense use of firearms, despite the the fact that guns are rarely used to stop crimes or kill criminals and are far more likely to be used in homicides, suicides, or fatal unintentional shootings,” the report stated. “Recognizing that Blacks and Latinos are already disproportionately impacted by lethal gun violence, these efforts can only increase death and injury in these communities.” VPC’s Executive Director and the report’s author, Josh Sugarmann, compared the gun industry to the tobacco industry, saying groups like the NSSF and NRA are working to arm blacks and Latinos for all the wrong reasons. In particular, Sugarmann argued, is because they want to drive gun sales. “Along with the hope of increased gun sales, a corollary goal of this effort is to turn more Blacks and Latinos, who historically support gun violence prevention measures, into pro-gun advocates for future political battles,” Sugarmann said. The most bogus claim is that the firearms industry is “exploiting crises (real and perceived)” and creating civil unrest to market guns to potential buyers. Basically, the VPC is upset that the gun industry is taking into account various types of gun owners (men, women, black, white, Hispanic), when they market. What happened to diversity? Or is that only something to celebrate when the minority backs your cause? “Mr. Sugarmann’s theories that the firearm industry and others are seeking out Blacks and Latinos to replace present firearm owners is demonstrably racist. It is shocking to me that he believes Black and Latino men and women cannot decide for themselves how and when to exercise their God-given rights. The Second Amendment is a right of all law-abiding Americans at birth, endowed by their Creator and protected by the Second Amendment. It’s not a white right, a Black right or a Latino right,” NSSF’s Director of Public Affairs, Mark Oliva, told Townhall.  [full article]

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