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NAT’L – OPINION – I Cover Financial Crime. Here’s How I Got Held Up Without a Gun.

In less cybernetic times, bank robbers “knocked over” banks with tommy guns and drove off with the loot. Now thieves are more likely to silently steal your personal information in indirect (often online) modes before they pilfer actual dollars. I know this firsthand because it happened to me. Thieves acquired my personal bank information, printed fake paper checks, and tried to pass $8,000 worth of them.  While I consider myself a fairly sophisticated person – I’ve been covering fraud as a journalist for decades – the irony of becoming a victim showed how persistent and multilayered thievery is today. I thought I was savvy on what not to do. I didn’t include any account references or numbers in my emails. I didn’t put them in texts. I upgraded my security settings on all my accounts, changed passwords and even signed up for a privacy browser (DuckDuckGo) that didn’t store my searches (highly recommended). I wasn’t responding to emails and clicking on links blindly. In short, I thought I was doing everything right.  Oh, I was also on high alert since my internet security program twice alerted me that someone was trying to hack my email (I changed the password and upgraded security levels). So I was warned, although the threat wasn’t specific. Still, I was targeted. As I dug deeper into this evolving problem, I was stunned to learn how commonplace identity theft is today and how opaque the problem is. Few institutions want you to know the extent of information-stealing operations.  [full article]

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