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NAT’L – OPINION – James Gill: Jefferson shootout makes a case for gun control, and against it. Here’s why.

Now that Joe Biden is president, gun control is back on the agenda, so here we go again. What Biden regards as “common-sense” restrictions will strike a comfortable majority in Louisiana as a commie assault on precious constitutional liberties. There is, however, room for rational compromise. Even the gun lobby’s all-time favorite jurist, the late Antonin Scalia, opined that the right to bear arms is “not unlimited.” Biden’s call for laws that would include a ban on assault weapons and expanded background checks came on the third anniversary of the high school massacre at Parkland, Florida. A week later, Joshua Williams was shot dead after killing a customer and an employee at a Metairie gun store. A woman who said she was Williams’s aunt explained that he had “a big-time anger control issue,” after growing up poor and Black in such a rich country as this. His victims were both White. If there is an answer to racism and violence in America, it has yet to be discovered.  [full article]

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