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NAT’L – OPINION – Majority Of US Gun Deaths Are From Suicides, But A New Poll Shows Most Americans Don’t Know It

Mass shootings may grab the headlines, but suicides are by far the leading category of gun death in America. However, most Americans don’t know this, according to a new national poll from APM Research Lab, Call To Mind and Guns & America. Experts say this misperception is handcuffing suicide prevention efforts. The poll asked more than 1,000 Americans what they think the leading cause of gun deaths is. Thirty-three percent of respondents chose homicides outside of mass shootings, while 25% thought that mass shootings caused the most gun deaths. Only 23% correctly identified suicides as the leading cause. The remaining respondents chose accidental shootings or said they didn’t know. Jennifer Stuber, a professor of social work at University of Washington and founder of Forefront Suicide Prevention, said the findings are unsurprising given the intense media coverage of events like mass shootings. “What I think drives it is the way in which we cover the issues of firearms fatalities in the news and popular culture, whether that’s TV, movies, etc.,” she said. In reality, fully 60% of gun deaths in the U.S. every year are suicides.  [full article]

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