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NAT’L – OPINION – The Complicated Truth About the Boogaloo Movement

Is America headed for a civil war? According to the followers of one fast-growing online subculture, increasing political polarization and instability will inevitably lead to a domestic armed conflict, which they refer to as Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo. That’s a play on the title of a 1984 breakdancing film, from which the movement—known as “the Boogaloo,” “Big Igloo” or, sometimes, “Big Luau”—also derived its name. The Hawaiian shirt-wearing, gun-toting activists known as Boogbois have migrated out of memespace and into the streets, showing up at Black Lives Matter demonstrations in many American cities—often in apparent sympathy with the cause. The media have called them white nationalists and accelerationist terrorists. “The boogaloo movement is (for the most part) a libertarian group,” according to one member. But these labels don’t capture what this dispersed movement is all about. The Boogaloo movement is Gen Z Second Amendment activism. Its members forgo the patriotic symbolism of traditional militia movements for flowered apparel, bright patches, and colorful memes. Their approach to organizing resembles Hong Kong’s decentralized, privacy-conscious, and social media-heavy protest movement.  [full article]

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