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NAT’L – OPINION  – Was Bloomberg Group Shamed Into Being (Sort of) Honest?

The gun-ban proponents at Everytown, New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s personal anti-gun advocacy apparatus, have finally begun talking about guns in their political ads. In August and September, we pointed out that Everytown seemed rather focused in its political messaging on things like health care, pharmaceuticals, and school funding. An odd collection of topics for an organization that claims as its primary sales pitch that it “(has) a plan to end gun violence.” As we pointed out previously, it seemed like Bloomberg’s group concluded that gun control isn’t actually popular in crucial swing states and districts. Of course, Bloomberg is bankrolling this campaign, a de facto arm of the Democrat party, so he is entitled to promote whatever deceptive messaging he wants. But even if he is paying the bills, it is entirely possible that the other anti-gun extremists within Everytown have at least a modicum of integrity when it comes to messaging. We would not be surprised if, after being exposed by NRA-ILA for running advertisements that had little or nothing to do with Everytown’s original agenda to eviscerate the Second Amendment, some of the little people working for Bloomberg began grumbling about getting back to pushing their anti-gun message. It is unlikely, after all, that our calling out Bloomberg for the shameful deception in advertising would have any impact on him. The man clearly has no shame when it comes to politics. After shattering all previous campaign expenditure records by blowing more than $1 billion in a futile attempt to buy his way into the Democrat party as their presidential nominee, he continues to funnel ridiculous amounts of his own personal wealth into Democrat campaigns. Most people would be embarrassed to have wasted so much money promoting themselves, only to discover that they are so universally unlikeable that the best they could do was capture American Samoa.

But not Mike. Rather than shrink from the spotlight after such a humiliating, failed campaign, as most likely would, he remains convinced that, as long as he keeps the money hose turned on, he can force his personal agenda down the throats of the American electorate. [full article]

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