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NAT’L – OPINION – Why the FBI and Police Prefer the Glock 23 to the Glock 19

Often outshone by the much more popular Glock 19, the higher-caliber Glock 23 still has plenty to offer for the discerning shooter. While it may not be as easy to handle as the 19, the Glock 23 uses .40 caliber pistol ammunition, offering much more stopping power. The increased power is the main reason why police departments all over the country assign the G23 over the G19, but the advantages of the weapon aren’t only for those in uniform. Outfitted with .40 caliber ammo, the Glock 23 offers a solid middle-ground between the ease of use of the Glock 19 and the stopping power of larger calibers. While seemingly identical to the Glock 19 when you first grip it, the Glock 23 sets itself apart as soon as you pull the trigger. Using .40-inch rounds adds a full millimeter in diameter to each bullet, and the effect on recoil is immediately noticeable. Despite the increased felt recoil, which I’ll discuss in-depth later, the firearm remains as accurate as any other Glock I’ve used. The Glock 23 comes with a plastic three-dot sight (one in the front, two in the back). As a no-nonsense gun, the stock sights do the job well enough, but I’d definitely recommend getting some aftermarket sights, especially if you plan to be able to use the firearm in low-light situations.  [full article]

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