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NAT’L – RETAILERS – E4473 Launches: Firearms Dealers Have a Safer, Faster, Easier Way to Complete Form 4473 with 100% ATF Compliance Guarantee

Bravo Systems, parent company to E4473, Bravo Pawn Platform, Usedguns.com and Buya.com, and the leading provider of digital 4473 software, point-of-sale platforms, mobile applications, and eCommerce products for the firearms and pawn industries, today announces the launch of E4473—the industry’s first platform to offer a 360o solution for 4473 completion.

“The launch of E4473 is monumental, not just for Bravo Systems, but for the firearms industry and our pawn customers,” says Tally Mack, CEO at Bravo. “Until today, the firearms industry, including pawnbrokers who carry a FFL, have been grossly underserved. Gun dealers have had to make do with systems and processes that put the dealer at risk of ATF violations and deliver very poor employee and consumer experience at best. All of that changes with the launch of E4473.” E4473 is the first 360-degree digital solution to hit the firearms market–offering dealers and consumers a superior way to buy and sell guns. 4473 Key Benefits: Better for Firearms Dealers: with E4473, businesses reduce employee errors, cut down on manual entry, and empower employees to make critical decisions with confidence. Better for Consumers: E4473 delivers exceptional customer experience. Consumers don’t have wait times in long lines, can access the form on any device, and are equipped to complete the form quickly and accurately with intuitive form fields that include ATF-approved help tips/guidance. Better for the ATF: E4473 means faster audits for ATF agents. All forms are organized and centralized for easy retrieval and every field on every form is accurate and legible. Built-in NICS and background check readiness.  [full article]

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