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NAT’L – RETAILERS – Nationwide ammo shortage leaves some Ohio gun stores, owners shooting blanks

Joe Reamsnyder can always predict that gun and ammunition sales will spike every four years. Election season tends to drive some folks to stock up, he said. But Reamsnyder, owner of Westerville firearms store Velocity Works, said he never could have guessed what 2020 would bring. The coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest and election season have all severely affected stocks of guns and ammunition this year. “All I can tell you is that I take 25 to 30 phone calls a day asking when I’ll have more ammo, and the answer is always, ‘I don’t know,'” Reamsnyder said. Velocity Works’ website prominently declares its ammo shortage on the homepage with a message reading: “WE HAVE NO AMMO IN STOCK OR FOR SALE WHATSOEVER AND HAVE NOT HAD ANY FOR MONTHS.”

His shortage of guns and ammunition isn’t just affecting central Ohio gun owners. As the United States is set to continue its record-breaking year of firearms sales, ammunition shortages have been reported nationwide. Locally, it appears there is still some ammo available. John Miller, owner of Premier Outdoors on County Road 77 in Mount Hope, reports they have ammunition in stock, but the demand has been greater than usual. “We’re sitting pretty good on straight wall ammo, which people use for white tail deer hunting,” Miller said. “We’re sending orders out all over the state. We bought a lot early, and we could run out eventually, but for now, we’re sitting pretty good.” A check with Walmart in Wooster shows the store has a limited supply of ammunition available in stock.   [full article]

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