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NAT’L – RETAILERS – Walmart and Other Retailers Face A New Front On Gun Sales: Lawsuits

Although the recent mass shootings at Walmart stores in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, have renewed calls for retailers to stop selling firearms, some people tragically affected by gun violence are taking matters into their own hands — by suing. “Retail sellers are facing serious issues of liability exposure,” said Timothy Lytton, a law professor at Georgia State University and author of a book about litigation against the gun industry. “We’re likely to see a stream of lawsuits in the wake of these mass shootings.”  This shift in the legal environment around the manufacturing and sale of guns is occurring even as lawmakers and the Trump administration remain paralyzed over gun control. In 2005, Congress passed a bill that protected gun manufacturers and sellers from being held liable for injuries deaths inflicted by their products. Yet there are exceptions in cases where the sale violates state or federal law. As a result, experts say suits against retailers represent a new front against guns, with attorneys finding a more winnable argument: namely, retailers can be held liable for selling a gun to a person they should have known was purchasing the weapon for someone else.  [full article]

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