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NAT’L – RETAILERS – Why the Coronavirus Outbreak Created a lot of New Gun Owners

A lot of residents of blue states are starting to see why we have a Second Amendment. They want protection. With the COVID lockdowns, and anytime there’s a national emergency, people act differently. Yet, leaving that aside, it’s a constitutional right. That’s all you need to know. There is no why do you need this, that, or the other when it comes to gun ownership. It’s your right. Period. The lockdowns have created legions of new gun owners and some are not happy at all about the stringent regulations, especially in California, which has some of the toughest laws on the books. Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon interviewed a couple of these new gun owners in the COVID-era. For one man, Scott Kane, he spent almost his whole life not wanting a gun until the lockdowns happened. Kane and his family are Asian-American, and he feared harassment might show up at their door. He wanted protection. He’s a California resident and he soon figured out the insanity ingrained in the Golden State’s gun laws. He told Gutowski that he’s thinking about running for office because they’re so bad. On top of that, several other people, who are gun owners,  told the Free Beacon that while they had supported stricter laws, they’re now seeing that maybe those views might have been severely misplaced. It’s a story as American as apple pie, folks. Whether it be for personal protection and overall protection from an overreaching government, this is why we have a right to firearms. Remember, this really isn’t a debate. It’s codified in law. The debate is over. And as we see Minneapolis descend into chaos, the reasoning for our right to own guns becomes all the more stronger.  [full article]

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