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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – 11 More Examples of How Firearms Save Gun Owners’ Lives, Property

At a time when some gun control advocates appear intent on painting lawful gun ownership as a danger to society, and the Second Amendment as little more than an outdated protection of a person’s right to hunt, it’s important to remember the regular role armed citizens play in defending inalienable rights. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affirmed in a 2013 report, almost all major studies on defensive gun uses have concluded that Americans use firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times every year. The vast majority of them will receive little or no media attention. Every month this year, we have highlighted just some of the many times law-abiding citizens used their firearms to defend themselves or others. Unsurprisingly, November was also replete with similar stories of Americans using guns to save lives and livelihoods.  [full article]

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