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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Breonna Taylor decision shows police have an unequal right to self-defense

I was 35 years old when I was invited to a gun range. Every time I pulled the trigger, I found myself jumping and becoming emotional. With every shot, I felt the life of another Black man being taken. That day, I decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with guns. Fast-forward 15 years. I’m sitting in my condo on Chicago’s South Side when the doorbell rings. It’s the pizza delivery man. I buzz him into the building. Within seconds, I hear a commotion and someone yelling, “Don’t shoot!” I quickly lock my door and look out the peephole. A thief is trying to rob the pizza delivery guy, who’s knocking at my door saying: “Please let me in! Let me in!!” I run to my office, grab a bat and let him in. The robber flees. As I stood with the bat in hand, nervously shaking, my fear turned to anger. At that moment, I decided I would never be afraid again in my own home. I did a 180, enrolled in a firearms training class and even graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy. I trained on 9 mms, 40 mms, 45 mms, Remington tactical pump-action shotguns, AR-15s and more. I am now a licensed concealed carry weapon owner in 38 states. As such, I have some level of protection from robbers — but I am more exposed to other dangers. When I first got my concealed carry license in Chicago, soon after the law to do so was passed, a law enforcement officer with the Chicago Police Department told me, “If CPD sees you with a gun, they will shoot you.” Why? I am legally carrying a gun, but that could get me shot? How is that possible?  [full article]

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