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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Carry Your Freedom

In June 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in Castle Rock v. Gonzales, what many American gun owners suspected all along: For various reasons, the government has no legal duty to protect a person from harm. Many Americans remained ignorant of that ruling—such stories just don’t fit into mainstream-media narratives—but, over time, an increasing number of citizens have, nonetheless, realized they need to be responsible for their own safety. This was especially true in 2020, with an estimated 7 million people joining the ranks of more than 100 million existing gun owners. America, of course, was founded by individuals who understood they needed to take responsibility for their own safety, but today’s first-time gun buyers likely weren’t raised around guns. After swiping a credit card and passing a background check, these new gun owners are, no doubt, finding they have a lot to learn. One big thing they will need to do is develop and maintain the skills and mindset required to carry safely and effectively. Learning these skills takes time and proper instruction. The good news is, with instruction, training and an open mind, the carry mindset can be learned. During this process, a curious transformation in the individual often ensues: Once people obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-reliant until help arrives, they don’t wish to return to dependency. NRA-certified instructors teach, as part of various courses, the discipline and restraint necessary to attain self-control during an emergency. The ability to respond to life-threatening situations with deadly force is a very maturing responsibility. Plenty of studies show that concealed-carry permit holders are statistically much less likely to commit crimes. Learning how to properly use and carry a gun for personal safety creates or builds upon a mindset of respect for others, responsibility, self-awareness and restraint.  [full article]

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