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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Gun Owners of America: Guns save lives every day

A father uses his concealed handgun to stop a mass shooting in a McDonald’s in Alabama. A man uses his gun to stop a racist gunman outside a Kentucky Kroger. Guns are being used to save lives every day. But sadly, the only time the national news media want to spend several days covering a firearms story is when the guns are used in a negative way. The well-publicized shootings over the past week are heart-wrenching. But just as we should not punish sober drivers for the actions of a reckless drunk, neither should we demonize firearms or their owners when they are misused by an evil terrorist. We know, because of research directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that guns are used 16 to 100 times more often to protect life than to take life. That means there are a whole lot more “guns save lives stories” not being reported by USA TODAY. We celebrate the brave police officers who stopped three active shooters over the past week. But as much as the USA TODAY Editorial Board wants to discount the idea of the “good guy with a gun,” let’s not forget that almost 90% of police agree that mass shootings would be “reduced” or “avoided altogether” by the presence of legally armed citizens.  [full article]

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