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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Here Are All The Best Moments Of People Using Guns To Defend Themselves (MULTIPLE VIDEOS)

In the latest instance of a good guy using a gun, a female front desk attendant at a hotel in Kentucky was able to take a gun from the man who was using it to rob the cash register. In the video you can see the woman standing anxiously as the robber is placing the stolen cash into a plastic bag. Distracted with filling the bag, the assailant lays the firearm on the counter. The hotel employee then swipes the gun and turns it around on the criminal. The funniest part? The robber runs off but comes back later to request his gun back. This isn’t the only time people have used guns to protect themselves. Watch the video below to see all the times robbers stood no chance against good guys with guns.  [full article]

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