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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Why the Most Important Part of Being Armed is Being Armed

Some time back I saw a news report of three thugs who decided to pull a daytime burglary, not knowing the homeowner was present. Breaking in the front door, they barged into the living room only to be confronted by the homeowner armed with a rifle. It looked like some sort of comedy routine when all three crooks tried to go back out the front door at the same time.

Recently, in one of our larger Texas cities, a lady was walking out of a mall to her parked car. As she got near her car, a rough-looking guy stepped out and said, “Hey, sweetie!” The lady’s reply was to stick her hand in her purse and say, “I’ve got a gun.” The presumptive suitor turned and took off. Then, there was a couple who watched a group of criminals break down their gate and trespass onto their property. The couple armed themselves and ordered the group to leave. Although threats were hurled at the couple, the group left. The common factor in each of these incidents is that not a single shot was fired. When you study news reports and videos, as I do, it is interesting how many times the mere presence of a gun is all that it takes to discourage criminal activity. Crooks simply don’t like it when it looks like the odds are anywhere near even. It has been said that the first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. Sometimes I wonder if we gun enthusiasts get too tied up with what kind of gun to have. We seem to be able to argue forever about which caliber is just the right one for personal defense. Then, having defended our favorite caliber, we can go on for quite some time about exactly which type and brand of ammunition should be loaded in that gun. We haven’t even gotten around to sharing our wisdom about what kind of holster everyone should use, or how to carry it. All of this discussion might imply that, if you don’t have the latest and greatest, you are going to die. In fact, a whole bunch of real-world encounters seem to indicate otherwise.  [full article]

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