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NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTON – Warzone best guns: the weapons you should be looking for when you land

While the opinion on what the Warzone best gun is a personal thing, there are some obvious choices that stand out. It’s something you might work out as you play Call of Duty Warzone but a head start from a few pointers is going to save you time learning through trial and error. Because of that we’ve prepared a list of some of the undisputed top tier Warzone guns that everyone should try to see if one clicks. There’s a range of range options, SMGs, Assualt, LMGs, full auto, semi and so on, so something here should suit you perfectly. Shotguns in most games are situational, and that goes doubly for Battle Royale where the extra few seconds it takes to reload can be the difference between a win or an early trip to the Gulag. The semi-automatic Warzone Origin 12 packs the punch of a standard shotgun with the convenience of being able to fire multiple shells in rapid succession. With eight shells in the basic configuration (up to a whopping 25 with some variants), it can shred unarmored foes in seconds and is an ideal breach-and-clear weapon for interior skirmishes. M91: The M91 is an ideal early-game weapon because it flings its ammo with such ferocity that if a squad all lands together there’s a chance you can grab a triple kill. That’s because this LMG fires 100 rounds, but don’t be afraid to drop it for a named gun. The ‘Dusk’ variant offers the kind of range and accuracy boosts to make it an impressive mid-range variant – despite not boosting the ammo capacity (which, incidentally, can reach as high as 150 rounds with other options).  [full article]

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