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NAT’L – SHOOTING SPORTS – The Loneliness of the Liberal Gun Lover

POLITICAL.COM – On a recent Saturday, a 35-year-old Puerto Rican woman who grew up in Spanish Harlem, came out of the shadows. In front of two dozen strangers mopping up the last of their buffet lunch, Miriam O’Quinn revealed two details about herself that she rarely shares, at least not in the same sentence. She voted for Bernie Sanders. And she really likes to shoot guns.

The reason she had come here, to the banquet room of McKenzie’s Barbecue, was that the other two dozen people in the room were more or less just like her— otherwise liberal Democrats who happen to feel just as passionately about the Second Amendment as they do about, say, universal health care. They are members of the Liberal Gun Club, perhaps the oddest crossbreed in American politics. (“The Jews for Jesus of politics,” one LGC member joked to me.) All of them had endured some version of the story that O’Quinn told about what had driven her to search the Internet for people who could understand the isolation she felt.  [full article]

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