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NAT’L – SHOOTING SPORTS – Trap Shooting With Pastors

There were a dozen of us in that small beige room in Morton, Illinois. We were in a stone building, which sat just beyond the Walmart, where the town diffuses into farmland. The building is now the home of the Rural Home Missionary Association, a non-profit dedicated to training and equipping pastors to work and live in rural areas. Ron Klassen stands at the front of the room, PowerPoint at the ready, and recites the statistics that inform RHMA’s mission. Three out of four seminary graduates will pastor a church in a town of 5,000 people or fewer. Most of the seminaries are in the cities. His lecture isn’t news to us. It’s June 25th, 2017, and Donald Trump has been president for just over five months. We know America is divided. We can feel it, even in this room. Out of the 12 of us, there are four women and eight men. Only one is a person of color. Two of the women are there in their role as pastor’s wife. Another woman, Roberta, is in her mid-fifties and preparing for a second career as a pastor after a lengthy service in the military. I count as the fourth woman—I’m a journalist.  [full article]

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