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NAT’L – TRAINING – BSCAI Prepares Members For Active Shooter Situation

If someone with a gun walked into your office right now, would you know what to do? While it’s a scary scenario to think about, experts say it’s better to consider the thought of an active shooter before something tragic happens — which is why Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) is teaming up with ProActive Response Group to offer active shooter training. From pre-incident awareness and threat responsiveness to life-saving medical techniques, the online course is designed to help those in the workplace. “Some organizations say, ‘We don’t want to scare our staff by offering this,'” said Chad Ayers, founder of ProActive Response Group. “But you’re not doing this to scare anyone. We want you to be prepared.” A former sheriff’s deputy in Greenville County, South Carolina, Ayers said he and his team have designed active shooter courses that help people respond in high-pressure environments and maximize life-saving potential. He was inspired to develop a more comprehensive training plan after seeing the only thing many companies had access to were short presentations by local law enforcement. “Education is best for survival,” Ayers said. Their training centers around four concepts: pre-incident, immediate response, medical response and immediate aftermath. Each video depicts a situation.  [full article]

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