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NAT’L – TRAINING – National Train a Teacher Day

This weekend hundreds of teachers across the country will be getting training to carry concealed handguns at school. July 20th is National Train a Teacher Day with free training being offered for teachers by 239 instructors in 42 states. The training is being offered even in states that don’t yet allow teachers to carry at school. “Even if folks aren’t allowed to have guns on campus, maybe they’ll have the knowledge to encourage change,” National Train a Teacher Day co-administrator Klint Macro told Treasure Coast Newspaper in Florida. Other programs such as FASTER are also offering free firearms training to teachers across the country. Police are important, but even stationing an officer at the right part of a school at the right time, they face a tough job in stopping mass public shootings. Mass public shooters are most likely to target the officer first. We’ve seen this time and again at malls, nightclubs and schools. Others hope that background checks on the private transfer of guns will keep criminals from getting them. But even perfectly enforcing such a law wouldn’t have prevented one mass public shooting this century. Similarly, military-style “assault weapons” bans make no sense, as hunting rifles fire the same bullets with the same rapidity, and, anyway, most mass public shootings involve handguns.  [full article]

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