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NAT’L – TRAINING – Stands Are The Core Of Any Range

The Grizzly XL Series Stands are made with the idea that durability, value and safety has no compromise and that is why we use Hot Dip Galvanization, quality components like heavier gauge steel and grade 8 hardware to produce our Built to Last target systems. Our XL Up Armored All In One Stand is an excellent choice for steel/paper target stands because of 4 reasons: They allow both paper and steel targets, are XL to fit any paper or steel target, target stand sockets are protected by 3/8? AR500, resist inclement weather like wind and because of the Grizzly Galvanization Process they will never deteriorate, and never rust.  From professional ranges to individual shooters, these stands are an industry favorite for a reason. A great XL affordable target stand for cardboard or paper targets. Larger stand base holds up to poor conditions like wind. 32? deep with the 1/2 sockets 20? wide.  Entire stand is hot-dip galvanized to ensure your stand will never rust.  [read more]

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