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NC – GUN CRIME – “It’s just gut wrenching’: Guns, ammo stolen from Stanly County veteran’s home (VIDEO)

On Thanksgiving Day, Daniel Spears opened the door to his Badin home and immediately felt sick to his stomach.  “It’s just gut wrenching and sickening,” recalled Daniel Spears, 32, who ran from room to room. Burglars busted into his home either the day before Thanksgiving or early Thursday morning. “Everything was flipped, furniture was flipped, drawers were dumped and there was stuff everywhere,” Spears said. The thieves used a knife to slash the screen to the window of his bedroom. Spears called 911 and didn’t touch a thing while waiting for Badin Police to arrive. “I could see empty gun cases and my laptop was gone,” he added. The Army Combat veteran knows what it means to sacrifice so much but this break-in has left him feeling violated. “You don’t even feel like it’s your own home. Someone was crawling across my bed and in every room and went through my personal things, military things, everything was a disaster,” Spears said. The burglars took his computer, cash, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and several guns. One of the guns he built from scratch when he returned from a deployment to Afghanistan in 2014. They also left a big mess for him to clean up. “I thought I was prepared for a home invasion if I was home but you just don’t think it will happen,” he added.  [full article]

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