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NC – GUN RIGHTS – Founder of black gun club supports Second Amendment sanctuaries (VIDEO)

The founder of an African-American gun club is speaking out in approval after a number of mountain counties have passed resolutions declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. “Doing away with your Second Amendment rights, you take away your firearms and guns from your law-abiding citizens, but do you think your criminals are going to turn theirs in?” Matt Gash said. Gash is the founder of African American Protecting of Communities Gun Club based in Hendersonville. It’s a chapter of the larger National African American Gun Association. “I’d like to see a united front to where all races of all people get together and they come together and it’s about safety. It’s about our children’s safety and our children’s education. It’s about protecting our homes, our families, our friends.” His organization has been around since 2017, but he said African-Americans either don’t know about it or they’re worried about what could happen if they were to legally carry and have a run-in with police officers. The issue of guns is so important to Gash, a change in party affiliation may be on the horizon. “I may still remain a Democrat, but I’m going to vote for the Second Amendment rights. Period,” Gash said.  [full article]

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