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NC – GUN SAFETY – Bulletproof Backpacks: News 13 asks the experts to put them to the test (VIDEO)

With every mass shooting comes renewed fear of another. Now, some parents are taking extra steps to protect their kids at school. They are buying backpacks that double as shields. News 13 wanted to know if they actually work, so we went to the experts for help. Henderson County’s Sheriff’s Office Training Director Sgt. Andrew Starling met us at a shooting range. We provided the bulletproof backpack that the manufacturer says boasts LEVEL III-A protection. It’s a type of soft armor that stops a majority of ammunition used in handguns. Before we put it to the test, we added in books to make it more realistic. “The first one here we’re going to test with is a Glock 9 millimeter,” Starling said. It’s the standard handgun police officers carry on their hip. He fired two shots, and then walked over to see the damage. That came as a surprise.  [full article]

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