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NC – LE –  ‘Until you wear this badge you will never understand’ | Police chief reacts after four Charlotte-area officers shot in line of duty in two weeks (VIDEO)

Saturday evening, Corporal Frank Lee Whittington Jr. was injured in an officer-involved shooting in Kings Mountain. Whittington is being treated for injuries, as is the suspect.

Whittington was the fourth Charlotte-area officer to be shot in the line of duty in the last two weeks. Two of those officers have died due to their injuries: Officer Jason Shuping with the Concord Police Department, and Officer Tyler Herndon with the Mount Holly Police Department. Pictured below, from right to left: Kings Mountain Corporal Frank Lee Whittington Jr., Mount Holly Police Officer Tyler Herndon, Concord Police Officer Jason Shuping, Concord Police Officer Kaleb Robinson. Kings Mountain Police Chief Lisa Proctor said she was thankful Whittington was still alive, and that they didn’t need to plan another funeral. Around 12:40 a.m. Sunday, Chief Proctor held a press conference to give updates on Whittington’s condition and answer questions. When asked for her response to the four Charlotte-area law enforcement officers that have been recently shot, Chief Proctor said “it’s insane.” What follows is a transcript of Kings Mountain Police Chief Lisa Proctors’s response when being asked about the four law enforcement officers shot in the line of duty in the span of two weeks. “It’s insane. This is insane. What law enforcement is having to put up with and deal with now more than ever. It’s kind of hard to talk about because no one, and I mean no one, knows what it costs to put one of these badges on every morning knowing that as soon as you go out that front door you’re an instant target. How many other people have jobs to where as soon as you walk out that door wearing your uniform, you become a target?

I know no other people that are willing to lay down their life except Christ, the military, and police officers. It is a calling. This is not a job to law enforcement. This is a calling. Because I can grant you, none of us do this for the pay. None of us do it for the pay.  [full article]

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