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NC – SELF-PROTECTION – I am a young woman surrounded by gun violence. I deserve the right to keep and bear arms.

I am a young woman living alone for the first time in a large city beset with gun violence. In Charlotte, we have experienced in the past year not only the tragedy of a mass shooter at UNC Charlotte, but also deal with frequent violent crimes near campus. In fact, my apartment complex experienced a shooting in May just a few weeks after the campus shooting. A group of my peers were enjoying a pool party when gunshots rang out. “It is a miracle that no one was killed,” police said of the incident. And on it goes. An armed robbery took place in late June in the parking lot of a gym near campus, and it was the latest in “a growing number of off-campus crimes that have been troubling the University City district in recent weeks,” reported the Niner campus newspaper on July 1. “This week alone there have been over one hundred reports of criminal activity within a two-mile radius of UNC Charlotte. Crimes reported include assault, grand theft auto, armed robbery and other miscellaneous crimes, including the kidnapping and rape of a woman,” the article added. Sure enough, on Aug. 31, two UNC Charlotte students were among three injured in a shooting that left one person dead over the weekend. The shooting took place at 49 North Student Apartments, about a mile from campus. This violence makes it abundantly clear that there is an evil in the world. But putting up a “gun-free zone” sign or creating laws that enforce these zones will not protect innocent lives.  [full article]

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