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NC – TRAINING – Triangle Shooting Academy creates firearm classes for women as gun ownership rises (VIDEO)

More women are buying guns, and local firearm training centers are working to make the experience more female-friendly as a result. For a women’s group at Raleigh’s Triangle Shooting Academy, marksmanship and fellowship go together. “These women are good,” said Nancy Wilson, an instructor. “They’re good because they practice.” Women own guns for different reasons, but more women than men cite personal protection for their decision. A friend told Suzie Arnold she should buy a gun and learn how to use it. “Because things were not going to get any better…and I needed to protect myself,” she said. After a divorce, Christina Cappaus felt more vulnerable. “I didn’t know where I was going to be living, but I was going to be living alone,” said Cappaus??????, who decided training was essential for safe and responsible gun ownership. It helped that Triangle Shooting Academy had programs tailored for women. “Our needs are different,” Cappaus said. “Our interests and our motivations are often different.” Wilson said the women’s group is more supportive than competitive. “It’s a community,” she said. “They can learn together…they can shoot together and improve their skills in shooting.”  [full article]

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