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ND – GUN POLITICS – House passes bill prohibiting guns on school property, lessening the fine for doing so

Lawmakers voted for a bill on Wednesday that lessens the penalty for carrying a firearm in certain public places. House Bill 1297 changes the punishment for doing so from an infraction, which can carry a $1,000 fine, to a non-criminal offense with a $50 fine. The legislation also adds language saying you cannot possess a weapon on school property or at a school-sponsored event, which changes current law that only includes sporting events. Rep. Pat Heinert says the committee came up with the clarifying language by considering input from schools.

“‘A school or school-sponsored event on school property.’ This, in my opinion, is probably the best language we’ve ever had for schools and dealing with guns and dangerous weapons,” Heinert said. The bill passed by a vote of 80 to 12, and await a vote in the Senate.  [full article]

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