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ND – HUNTING – Maximizing your kill with big game harvest techniques

DICKINSON, N.D. – They say that “time is money,” well in the big game hunting world, “time is meat.” Steven Rinella of the renowned outdoor company MeatEater advises hunters to gut big game immediately. “Regardless of whether the animal will be skinned and processed in the field or at home, it needs to be gutted immediately. Big game should be gutted as soon as possible, preferably within an hour of the animal’s death,” Rinella said in an article called “Field Tips For Gutting a Big Game Animal.”

Trent Myran, seasoned hunter and North Dakota resident, agrees. Myran said if the meat is not separated quickly from the guts it could ruin the meat — especially during periods of warmer weather. Myran explained how even after he gutted a moose, he could see the stomach expanding.  “As soon as you kill the moose, they start to bloat, their stomach will bloat right in front of you, you can see it getting bigger. .. you have to get the stomach out of there ‘cause it will burst … you need several people to get (a moose) field dressed right on the spot,” Myran said.   [full article]

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