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ND – HUNTING – North Dakota moose lottery bill bears watching

SB 2172 would allow moose license applicants age 75 and older to enter their name twice in the moose lottery. The bill this week passed the Senate by a 27-20 vote despite earlier receiving a 6-0 do-not-pass recommendation from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. I’m a huge fan of hunter education instructors and the countless hours they put in as volunteers to make our time outdoors safe and enjoyable. Their track record speaks for itself. Since North Dakota lawmakers made hunter education a requirement in legislation that took effect Jan. 1, 1979, more than a quarter million students had completed the Game and Fish Department’s program as of 2019 – the program’s 40th anniversary – according to an article in North Dakota OUTDOORS magazine. Successful completion of a hunter education course is required for anyone born after Dec. 31, 1961, in order to buy a hunting license in North Dakota. That being said, I cringed recently when I saw a bill had been introduced in the North Dakota Senate that would have allowed any certified hunter education instructor who had taught in the past calendar year to receive a license to hunt any legal deer without having to go through the lottery. In addition, any hunter education instructor who had taught each of the preceding five years would be issued one bighorn sheep, elk or moose license.  [full article]

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