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ND – SELF-PROTECTION – What gun owners need to know about self-defense laws in ND (VIDEO)

Nearly half of all people living in North Dakota are registered gun owners, but our state is not a stand-your-ground state. That means gun owners cannot use deadly force in self-defense in a public place unless there is no alternative. What would you do if you were carrying your firearm and had to make the split-second decision between using it or not using it to defend yourself from an attacker? We’re Putting North Dakota First, to see how this issue, and future legislation could affect you. “Right now in North Dakota if you’re being attacked and you shoot the perpetrator, the family can sue you,” said House Representative Jeff Magrum who is working to pass the stand-your-ground bill in North Dakota. “There’s no reason the victim should have to worry about getting charged for something if they’re just defending them self or others,” said Magrum. By leading the effort to pass stand-your-ground, Magrum is working to expand to North Dakota’s Castle Doctrine to include public spaces. “If you’re not in your home, or your RV, or your place of work; For example, if you’re out in the parking lot and someone is attempting to use excessive or deadly force against you, where do you retreat to and what is considered a retreat,” asked Magrum. The Castle Doctrine allows you to use your firearm for self-defense without the burden of retreat in your home, RV, and place of work. But, as the law currently stands in North Dakota if you’re in your yard or in public you have the duty to retreat before you can use your firearm. Additionally, you have to actively attempt to force the attacker to retreat. Magrum’s stand-your-ground bill would omit that burden.  [full article]

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