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NE – GUN NEWS – Nebraska: Numerous Gun Bills Introduced for the 2021 Legislative Session

As the 2021 Nebraska Legislative Session ramps up, multiple gun bills have been introduced. A handful of those measures have been outlined below. Pro-Gun Legislation –
LB 300 – Defense of self or others within your home, vehicle, or place of work: Clarifies and strengthens Nebraska’s laws related to Castle Doctrine. There is no duty to retreat from your home or place of work. The bill extends that to also include your vehicle. When facing a threat that meets the reasonable person standard of serious bodily injury, kidnapping, rape, or death in your home, work, or vehicle, the bill establishes a rebuttable presumption. This presumption is that anyone forcing entry into your home, workplace, or vehicle has intent to cause serious bodily injury, death, kidnap you or rape you and that you are justified to use lethal force to protect yourself or others. The reasonable person standard applied to your defense of self or others in current law supports your ability to use those criteria as an Affirmative Defense. The difference is that currently, you have to prove you acted in a reasonable manner. The bill strengthens the fundamental “innocent until proven guilty” by shifting the burden of proof to the state having to prove you did not act in a reasonable manner. LB 404 – Change permit and renewal time periods under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act. Extends the current permit from 5 years to 10 years.  However, under federal law, in order to use a valid CHP in place of a background check for purchasing firearms – the permit would need to have been renewed within the last three years.  [full article]

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