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NE – GUN RIGHTS – Gun rights advocates back bill that would ban Nebraska from enforcing any new federal gun laws

Gun rights advocates expressed fears Wednesday that their rights were in jeopardy because of the election of President Joe Biden and a promised push in Washington to address gun violence. “We’re at a dangerous point of losing our constitutional rights,” said Anthony Arnold of Ashland. He was among two dozen people who testified, and 238 who submitted letters, in support of a bill that would prohibit the Nebraska State Patrol, local sheriffs or the Nebraska National Guard from enforcing any new federal restrictions on gun rights.

Most backers voiced worries about losing rights to hunt, participate in shooting sports or the ability to protect themselves. But the sponsor of the proposal said his main goal would be to block the confiscation of guns, ammunition or accessories in the event the president or Congress made such a move.

While Sen. Steve Halloran of Hastings said he was unaware of any current federal moves to do that, he describing his “Second Amendment Preservation Act” as “an effort to anticipate something happening.”

“People are very, very protective of their liberty and their Second Amendment rights,” Halloran said.

Other senators on the Legislature’s Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee expressed doubts about the power of states to supersede federal laws, and about whether LB188 was even necessary. [full article]

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