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New Background Checks Kickoff

Bob Rogers

Monday, January 7, 2019 | While much of America watched the NFL playoffs over the weekend, Congressional Democrats are instead planning to launch their gun control ball towards the goal posts tomorrow.

Essentially, Team Pelosi will announce universal background checks, possibly the only dink and dunk strategy that may actually make it between the uprights. The play may well fool the other side – Republicans – into charging unsportsman-like conduct and a few of them will be looking to the game officials (in this case, the NRA) for a flag.

In essence, HR-8, also dubbed the Giffords Goal in honor of Gabby, the former Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head by nut case Jared Lee Loughner at a campaign rally January 8, 2011, will attempt to stretch the existing NICS gun purchase background checks system to include all gun sales, even private transactions, and the play has a good chance of at least making a first down.

Why? Because it is being co-sponsored by Rep. Peter King, R-NY.

There is enough noise about gun control following the 2018 midterms that some Republicans in both the House and the Senate might be fooled into voting for the expanded checks legislation.

Essentially, stretching such checks beyond federally licensed gun dealers by reaching into the private gun owner domain may be a safer political bet than voting for restricting hi-cap magazines or a ban on AR rifles as at least a docile effort towards calming the fervor over a greater gun control game. Republicans can then claim that their actions struck a blow for ‘gun safety’ and the control addicts will cheer loudly.

Make no mistake; if Nancy Pelosi really thought she could get away with sneaking major league gun control past the Republican majority Senate she’d certainly try a run for the end zone.

But uni-checks are not seen publicly as a major threat to gun rights, even though they actually are.  Like banning bump stocks, such checks that could affect even garage sale guns to your neighbors wouldn’t get much more public attention except from the gun control media. Bipartisan passage into federal law would make for a loud victory chant by the anti-gun groups.

It may be time to remind your district Washington pols that a vote for expanded background checks – at least exempting the sale of personal guns – may be safe but just a little too close to stepping out-of-bounds for those gun owners who have never-forget plans for the 2020 election for which both parties, especially Democrats, will begin stumping just six months from now.


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