Steve Comus

Wednesday November 1, 2017 — “…all enemies, foreign and domestic;…”

First, the National Football League and its players assaulted patriotism by taking a knee during the playing the national anthem. Now they attack the Constitution by backing gun control. What the h____ are they thinking? They’re not.

The more technologically advanced society becomes, the less connected people are. It makes sense because technology provides an insular shell around individuals, groups and societies. Nowhere is this more evident than in the mockery of NFL players kneeling to their false gods.

As this theatre of the absurd plays out, NFL owners and players find themselves jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The reason is simple. They have lost touch.

Statistics show that NFL’s performance is dropping. There are many reasons for this, among which is the distain with which they are held as a result of their blatant disrespect for the flag and the national anthem.

The NFL always has worshipped the almighty dollar. Had it continued its fidelity to that altar, it likely would be in better shape today than it is.

But when football players attempt to grow a brain, all kinds of things go awry.

This entire phenomenon began last year when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat and then kneeled in protest to the killings of unarmed black men and women at the hands of law enforcement.

An NFL game logically is an unlikely place to conduct such protests, but the matter grew legs quickly since the protests were during the playing of the national anthem at the beginning of games.

The league and its owners could have handled the matter quickly and easily, but they fumbled and let it ride. It spread. So did the public outrage.

Different gestures were tried, like locking arms in solidarity, but didn’t work. The NFL just didn’t get it. Yet the answer was simple: sports, protests and politics just don’t mix well.

It seemed like regardless what the NFL and its players did, their desired results never materialized. Oddly, no one ever thought that all they really had to do was to go back to the way things were done before all this began and their problem would solve itself.

Patriotism and respect are not difficult to understand, not hard to practice and have proven to be winners in all kinds of entertainment venues from country music to auto racing.

But since the NFL and its players have no moral compass, they were incapable of charting a course back home. Instead, they jettisoned what had made them and their sport great in favor of pushing for more gun control.

Could it be that one of the rocket scientist marketers among them decided that since they already had alienated patriots, and since gun owners also are patriots, that it wouldn’t hurt them to double-tap their attack on all red-blooded Americans? That would make as much sense as anything else in their apparently aimless foundering as they attempt to navigate what are for them the uncharted waters of decency, fidelity and love of country.

Now, how they ever went from where they were to gun control eludes me. But, they did it. The 49ers pledged $500,000 to support the banning of a number of gun-related items.

As illogical as a football league backing gun control is, in and of itself, the matter is confounded by the fact that a lot of NFL players can’t legally own firearms because of violent personal histories. This is so pronounced that the term National Felons League has been coined.

Perhaps that actually is part of the perverted answer. Since a significant number of them can’t own firearms, they envy those who do so much that they want to deny others the right that they precluded for themselves as a result of their violent behavior.

There is a bit of a head-scratcher in the anti-gun movement within the NFL. As part of this new offensive, the 49ers announced a partnership with a number of police unions around the land. Logically, any meaningful efforts to address police abuse would include police agencies and not their unions. But then again, we’re talking about football players who generally are not known for their mental prowess.

What is obvious is that the NFL and its owners and players seem hell-bent to alienate as many of their own fans as possible. First, they enraged veterans and other patriots by taking a knee in an assault on patriotism. Now they are going after gun owners by bowling over the Second Amendment. What’s next? They’ll no doubt find something that more fans will find repugnant.

That’s the real problem with “institutional political correctness” and “group think.” The IQ of the bunch is usually at least 20 points lower than the lowest singe one – and in football, that ends up being a number far below room temperature on a cold day.

But that’s okay. The Second Amendment was here before football and will be alive and well long after football ceases to exist. After all, football is but a sport. The Second Amendment is a right.

So, while they take a knee, I’ll stand tall in humble appreciation of what the flag and the national anthem represent. Don’t be surprised if I am wearing a gun and holding a Bible in the process. God bless America. D___ the NFL.